Remote Start–up and Commissioning During Quarantine

»Positive thinking helps to develop professionaly and take the hights we did not know exist.« Mechanical and electrical installation works started at Bering as soon as customer confirmed readiness of the site and were complete by the end of January 2020.

UF, NF and RO systems were ready for the start up and commissioning in February 2020. We planned to start next phase of operation qualifications and commissioning by mid February. Quarantine interrupted our plans to come on site. All flights were canceled. However customer needed to fraction the whey to keep up with the production plans as soon as possible.

Therefore we decided to make start up remotely. This meant establishing more powerful communication lines on both sides. It turned out to be a very good stress test for Bering authomation system, because automation team had to follow live production to fine tune the fractioning process.

We worked with a very good team of specialists on a customer side. They did fine tuning on site, learned a lot about the system and became savz by the time we finished comissioning.

During the commissioning were verified:

  • physical operations, capability and capacity of filtrations systems, piping and other process equipment
  • energy and mass balance
  • efficiencies, yields and quality of the output products
  • other specifications
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