We are offering independent technological and technical consulting

Independent technical audit and analysis

Together with the partner company Milk and More Dairy Consulting from Germany we:

  • analyse and advise on a dairy technology in areas of milk and whey ingredients production.
  • identify areas for improvement to optimize productivity and costs
  • advice on a specific technical/technological issues.

We are focusing on technological processes for:

  • Production of whey ingredients
  • Production of milk ingredients
  • Baby food
  • Production of the fresh dairy products as milk, dairy fermented products, chesses, etc.
  • CIP systems and utilities

Why to consider an external expert?

It can make a significant difference to have an independent experienced expert to:

  • evaluate technology and process
  • estimate and prioritize possible areas for improvement
  • implement new technologies

Concept development

Concept development together with the client

Conceptual design and our expert services help clients to clarify questions like:

  • Which products will be produced? With which quality? In which packaging?
  • How existing production processes can be improved?
  • Can be consumption of water, energy, cleaning agents as well as product losses reduced?
  • How quality risks can be avoided?
  • How can the data from supervising systems be used for effective production management?

Project management consulting

We are focused on


We analyze current situation and suggest improvements to reach  required level of quality and reduce quality risks.


We analyze current situation and suggest improvements to customer’s environmental performance as water consumption and energy, which allow reducing overall production costs.


We analyse current situation and consult about production automation and MES.

Maintenance, service, and support

We analyse and suggest improvements to customer’s maintenance, service and support procedures and practices to allow reduction of overall production costs.

Our approach


Gather information and develop baseline (as-is status). Determine “pains” and prioritize areas of possible improvements together with the customer


Identify possible improvements


Quantify investment requirements for improvenments against expected benefits


Define goal – identify and prioritize activities to build required capabilities


Create an action plan